Green Tea to reduce Uterine Fibroids

Green Tea for Fibroids

Butterfly Recommended

LifeExtension Green Tea Extract

Women of African descent tend to suffer more from the condition of uterine fibroids. Our recommendation for treatment is made based on the results found in a clinical study that was conducted in 2013. If you have a severe fibroid condition that requires surgery, but you want to try a natural approach (before going under the knife), here is what we recommend.

– Use a Green Tea extract that can deliver between 700mg to 1000mg / day containing no less than 45% EGCG for a period of three months (for 20-30% reduction in the size of growth – per study).

– A decaffeinated brand is recommended so as to avoid putting you into a hyper mood. Also, should you be predisposed to high blood pressure it is better to use a decaffeinated brand to avoid elevating your BP.

Should you prefer to work with your doctor here is a summary of the clinical paper with the results.  If you require the full clinical paper write to us at research@butterfysolutions.biz  and we will send it to you.

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